... there's got to be more to life. Life, so far, has been so pointless! Ugh! Hopefully Jeffrey and I can make life into something more together. I can see it. The two of us together, having a family, making life beautiful.
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I slept a totaly of a wompin HOUR last night. I was on the phone with Jeff for 3 hours. It was ridiculous. He was so drunk too, lol. I have to say he's very open when he's drunk. Let's just leave it at that haha. Anyways, so I'l like totally dead today. I don't want to be in keyboarding, I want to be in Fred's class. Like now. I love Fred, he's so great. I tell him everything. I'm gonna miss him. Hopefully I get him for A&P 2, and I know I'll have him for hematology. That's a little ways down the road though. So I'll miss him. I'll probably end up hunting him down and bugging him lol. Oh man, could this class be dragging on any worse? Jeff's picking me up from school again today and then we're going to good times to play games and win prizes. Wow, this is a total rant, lol. Oh, I was looking at (my ex) josh's myspace and he now has a pic of him holding a gun. i'm like wow, you're just too cool huh. lol. what a losahhh! OK if you actually read this, comment!
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I guess I should start updating here.

School was alright today. Did nothing in keyboarding class, as usual. Medical Terminology class was interesting; we're learning about the female reproductive system. Good stuff. After school I walked to the train with Jolisha, Jason, Rich, Justin, and Ramon. Took the train home and chilled all afternoon on the comp. Then I went to group, talked about shit, cried, blah. But I got to see my girl so that's all that matters :D
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I cannot stand my girlfriend's parents. I hate them. With a passion. They won't let her take a fucking train to a concert. The girl's almost 18 for god's sake. Argh, wtf? I don't understand them. Fucking grr!
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